Hiring Us

If you represent a chamber of commerce, church, hospital group, nursing home, shopping mall, teachers' association, or other community organization, let us complement your function with old-time songs in four-part harmony. For more info, contact one of the following representatives.

Belleville Sounds of Harmony
Barbershop Chorus

Bob Cearnal – rlcearnal@gmail.com - Chorus Coordinator Phone 618-566-8574


Chapter Quartets

Arch Rivals
Pat Flynn - Tenor; Paul Schulte - Lead; Vince Smith - Bass, Win Latham - Baritone
Contact Paul Schulte 314-471-9105.


Chris Schunemann - Tenor; Mike Dohogne - Lead; Bob Cearnal - Bass; Willie Kohlenberger - Baritone
SrQ wins first “Florissant’s Got Talent” Contest.
Contact: Bob Cearnal 618-566-8574 rlcearnal@gmail.com

SrQ, the Illinois District 2011 Representative at the International Seniors Quartet Contest, has a wide variety of music for all occasions--from barbershop favorites like "Wait 'Til the Sun Shines, Nellie" and "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" to more modern selections like "Chances Are," "Blue Velvet," and even some Beatles and Ricky Nelson tunes. You're sure to enjoy their close harmonies and program routines.

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